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“Dollhouse is absolutely amazing – the facility is world class and Peter is a genius behind the board.” -Mike LaBombard, The Royal Noise
“We couldn’t have made this record anywhere other than at Dollhouse, with anybody other than Peter (owner/engineer). It’s been the best recording experience of my whole damn career, flat out, bar none, no question, just forget about it.” -Evan Magers, Wild Child
Voted Best Recording Studio Since 2013 (Connect Savannah)


Dollhouse Studios produces top-quality results with some of the best equipment in the industry.  With the gear and ears to provide an outstanding recording and mixing experience either with Pro Tools HD or analog tape formats (or both), we are a destination studio for bands and projects the world over.   Featuring top-of-the-line Ampex tape machines and a fully-automated Euphonix analog recording console we are able to offer the old-school tape sound with a degree of control associated with recording and mixing in the digital realm.  The spacious live room houses (among other instruments) a gorgeous 9′ Yamaha CF Concert Grand- a rarity in today’s market and an asset to any production requiring top-quality piano.

For film and video we provide services from voice-overs and demo reels, to post-production mixing, to the composition of original scores.  For clients requiring the ability to collaborate remotely we provide Source Connect Pro for real-time broadcast-quality audio.

The studio is run by producer/engineer Peter Mavrogeorgis (The National, Sharon Van Etten, Creepoid, etc), who’s experience combines over 25 years in studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and now Georgia. Mavrogeorgis’s meticulous approach to each project guarantees excellent results.

“We treat digital like it’s analog…rather than mixing on a screen, we’re mixing on a big old recording console, like you’d see in a picture book of ‘choose your recording session of the past.’ As a result, we’re using all the conveniences of digital, and trying to eke the last bit of sonic buttery-ness by employing vintage analog equipment in the signal chain and in the mixing process.”

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Dollhouse Studios offers the following:

  • Analog Recording (featuring Ampex ATR124-multitracks(8 track 2″ and 24 track 2″) and ATR102 mastering decks)
  • Digital Recording (48 channels Pro Tools 10/11HD)
  • Mixing/Mastering (Euphonix CS2000/3000, 80 channels with 24 sends)
  • Musician/Producer Talent
  • Demo Tracking
  • Drum Tracking
  • Audio Restoration
  • Transfers**
  • Film Scores
  • Foley
  • Jingles
  • Voice Over
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Noise Reduction
  • Overdubs
  • Sweetening
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production
  • Rehearsal Studio
  • Remote Recording
  • **Transfers (formats include vinyl(33/45/78), DAT, ADAT, DA88, 2” Analog(8/16/24 Track/Dolby SR available), ¼” 2 track analog(1/4” Stereo/mono/1/2” Stereo/4 track with available Dolby SR/A, DBXType 1), audio cassette, most computer audio formats)


If you’re a visiting client, we can also assist with accommodations from our local partners and hosts. Please inquire for more information.




NPR - “Snap Judgement”
Fox Sports
Sauna Heat
Double Run
Fare the Gap
Boy Harsher
The Pen Test
Jeff Zagers
Those Cats
Street Clothes 
Choir Nine
Doom Salad
Deas Guyz


Savannah Stopover Sessions 2013 (this mountain, HOTT MT, Fine Peduncle, Field Report etc)
Savannah Stopover Sessions 2014 (with Off the Avenue) (TEEN, Matrimony, Big Ups, Juan Wauters, New Madrid, etc)
Savannah Stopover Sessions 2015 (Matthew E. White, Family and Friends, Corners, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Reptar, etc.)


Soft Science Records
Furious Hooves
Collect Records
Wharf Cat Records
Interscope Records
Lolipop Records


MusicFile Productions
Off the Avenue
Coastal Rock Productions
Airbound Entertainment


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