Gear & Equipment




Euphonix CS2000/3000 console, 80 channels with 48 channels of ES108a dynamics and 16 channel Cube matrix


Ampex ATR124 24 track 2” with available Dolby SR / A, Adams Smith Sync

Ampex ATR124 8 track(ATR Services) 2” with available Dolby SR / A, Adams Smith Sync

Ampex ATR102 Stereo Mastering deck with available ½” ATR Services headstack, ¼” Ampex stereo headstack. Ampex ¼” full track headstack,  Dolby SR / A

Nakamichi MR-1 cassette



 AVID Pro Tools 10HD/11HD (32in/out), Sync HD, MOTU Midi

 DAT, ADAT, and Tascam TDIF digital tape formats available upon request

Source Connect Pro

Izotope Production Bundle



B&W Matrix 805 nearfield monitors, N.Y.A.L . Moscode 300 Amplifier

B&W Matrix 801-series 3 mastering/full range monitors, custom BGW amplification

NEAR A8 monitors (studio foldback)

 Sennheiser HD700 headphones

 A variety of studio headphones by Sony, Fostex, etc.


Avalon Direct-5 DI

Aphex 9611 noise gate/expander

Ashly SC-50 compressor (2)

Dbx 903 “gold can compressors” (4)

Dbx 903 “rev 3″ compressor” (1)

Dbx 902 de-esser (2)

Drawmer MX-50 2 channel de-esser

SSL X-Rack Stereo Buss Compressor

Summit MPC-100a mic pre/comp

Teletronix LA-2A limiter (vintage 60’s unit)

Urei LA-4 (2) with Alcatronics mod

Vintech x72 dual mic pre

Valley People Kepex II expander/gates (4)



Lexicon MPX-1

Lexicon PCM60

MXR Delay System II

Roland Dimension D

Roland R880

Roland SRV-330

Roland SRV-2000 (SDE-2000)

Sony DPS V77

Sound Workshop stereo spring reverb

SPL Vitalizer

TC Electronics M-3000

Yamaha D1500 delay

Yamaha SPX-90

*The live venue is available via tie lines for echo chamber


AKG 414b-ULS (2)

AKG D-19 

AKG D-112

AKG D-99 C “Harry” Binaural Head

Beyerdynamic M-160 (2)

Beyerdynamic M-201 LC

Groove Tubes GT-47 (2)

Neumann U67 (custom)

Neumann M-149

Neumann KM-140 

Sennheiser MKH-40 (2)

Sennheiser 441 

Sennheiser 421 (3)

Shure SM-89 (2)

Shure Beta 91

Shure SM-57 (4)

Shure SM-58 (5)

Telefunken TD-20

Custom “sub kick”


Yamaha CF 9’ Concert Grand (Exc., ca. 1980)Ace Tone Top 5

Yamaha P-70 Electric Grand with MIDI expander

Hammond Model A

Hammond M-101

Hammond Console Organ

Kustom Kombo II electric organ

Leslie Model 147

Leslie Model 156

Leslie ¼” instrument input preamp

Casio CZ-101

Casio RZ-1

Korg SG X Pro 88 key controller/digital stage piano

Roland Juno 106

 Fender Rhodes II 66 key electric piano

Farfisa Compact organ

RCA Victor reed organ

Wurlitzer Model 200a (2)

Wurlitzer Model 200



Simmons SDS8 vintage analog “drum brain” with drum triggers

Slingerland mid ‘60’s 4 piece drum kit

AHA percussion handmade 4 piece drum kit

Gretsch 60’s era 4 piece kit

Various snares/cymbals/etc.  Inquire for list.

+ large assortment of Drum Machines, Samplers, and MIDI sound modules- please inquire for a full list. 



Matchless Chieftain 2-12 guitar amplifier

Fender Twin amplifier with 1-15″ extension cabinet

Ampeg SVT head (ca. 1972) with matching 8-10 cabinet

Gallien Krueger RB-400 Bass Head

Fender 2-15″ cabinet(vintage, loaded with Eminence 15’s)[/one_third_last]


3 way 6000watt PA, (2)Meyer Sound MSL-3a’s, (2)EV 18” subs, QSC power amps

Yamaha MSR400 powered stage monitors (4)

Soundcraft Delta DLX 32 mixer (6 sends/4 subgroups)

18 channels of DBX comp/gates

DBX Driverack PA+

Roland SRV-330 Reverb

Alesis Quadraverb

Yamaha SPX90

16 channel DMX LED panel lights/fog/controller