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Triathalon, a four-member soul-surf garage band based in Savannah Georgia, have just released a preview track from their upcoming EP Vibes on bandcamp called “All The Time”. A subject for which singer Adam Intrator spends considerable psychic energy, “All The Time” is written about a girl. This particular story involves a suffocating longing to share his clothes, heartbeat, and (hopefully) bed sheets with the object of his desire. These “heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics” harkens back to rock’s primal roots in Do-Wop and R&B. Refreshed by the band’s punk-infused take on blue-eyed soul, the formula has not lost its potential to create an estrogen-induced frenzy. That may perhaps guarantee the boys of Triathalon wall space in bedrooms all across America and beyond….

Triathalon is Adam Intrator (guitar/lead vocals) Hunter Jayne (guitar), Michael Younker (bass) and Chad Chilton (drums). All four currently attend SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Having only just reached the age of 21, Triathalon somehow impart a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of rock-n-roll while maintaining the playful wide-eyed exuberance that makes their music so infectious. Formed in 2011, these four dreamers sought refuge from their small town upbringings, jamming in dorm rooms and playing boozy house parties in Savannah. It wasn’t long until the rest of the town got hooked on to their nostalgic songs and energetic live sets. They quickly graduated to actual venues, opening up for bands like Cusses (Savannah), underground legend Dan Deacon, and even played on the runway during Fashions Night Out.
Music blog The Blue Indian wrote “While a relatively young band, these kids are well on their way to making their mark on the music scene around Georgia.”

“All The Time” is one of three tracks for their upcoming EP, Vibes, produced, mixed and mastered by Peter Mavrogeorgis at the newly constructed Dollhouse Studios in Savannah. Mavrogeorgis, who has worked in studios in New York since the 90’s, played and toured as a guitarist since his teenage years, is no rookie in the studio. He has experience working with a variety of noted professionals including The National, Grinderman, Sharon Van Etten, and Philip Glass to name a few. Triathalon jumped at the opportunity to work with Mavrogeorgis when he offered to produce them at Dollhouse. “This was our first time recording in a real studio and working with a producer,” states Triathalon’s guitarist Hunter; “having a fifth person in the room to speak objectively was helpful and has strengthened our sound. We were scared at first, almost like being naked, but the new experience helped distinguish everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, which only made us a lot more serious about what we want to do. Peter’s patience with us resulted in a better outcome.”

“Vibes is a really classic approach to everything we have grown up on,” says Adam with confidence, “it’s more mellow, less angsty and definitely more grown up than our previous EP (2011’s “Relationships”). We chose to release “All The Time” first, as it’s the most recognizable as the sound that our fans know and love, and is a smooth transition into the two songs to follow, which are more polished.”

Triathalon will officially release the full EP on March 9th. They will be giving away personalized limited edition CD pressings of the EP prior to their performance at the bar Hangfire that night as part of the Savannah Stopover Music Festival.

Triathalon’s immediate plans after the release of Vibes is to graduate and then get back into the studio to record their first full-length album at Dollhouse Studios with producer Mavrogeorgis. Their future whereabouts are unknown, but Savannah will always be their spiritual home.

Triathalon’s previous EP, “Relationships”, can also be downloaded on bandcamp HERE.

“I fell upon this gem of a band, whose surf rock makes me to want to take off all of my clothes and jump into the frigid Pacific Ocean at Black’s Beach.” – Metrojolt

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